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n galena Native lead sulphid. It occurs crystallized, commonly in cubes, and also massive; most varieties show perfect cubical cleavage. It has a brilliant metallic luster and a bluish-gray or lead-gray color. It is a very common mineral, and is valuable as an ore of lead and often still more so as an ore of silver.

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lead glance, lustrous, blue-gray mineral crystallizing usually in cubes, sometimes in octahedrons. It is the most important ore and the principal source of lead. It consists of lead sulfide, PbS, but frequently contains silver (it is mined for this metal in some localities) and other accessory metals.

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Mar 03, 2011· Lead is a naturally occurring bluish-gray metal found in small amounts in the earth's crust. Lead can be found in all parts of our environment. Much of it comes from human activities including burning fossil fuels, mining, and manufacturing. Lead has many different uses. It is used in the production of batteries, ammunition, metal products (solder and pipes), and devices to shield X-rays.

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On primitive hearths, such as a pile of charcoal and lead ore, the lead on the surface (open to the air), quickly becomes oxidised. This newly formed lead. Chat With Sales; Bluish Gray Lead Ore - melros. Greenfield lead ore apart from having other metals of commerce has at least 80% lead concentrate, one of the best in the world.

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The global lead ore market continues to pose a strong demand in 2018 as world lead consumption continues to climb. Lead is a blue-grey colored metal that has many notable advantages such as being corrosion-resistant, dense, ductile, and malleable. Early uses of lead included building materials, pigments for glazing ceramics, and pipes for transporting water.

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The main lead ore, lead sulphide, with a bluish/grey/black colour. Iron. A metal with the symbol Fe, atomic number 26. Haematite. An important iron ore, with a reddish-black colour. Malachite. An important copper ore, with a bright green colour. Abundant. Available in large quantities ...

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Pb, a chemical element in group IV of Mendeleev's periodic system. Atomic number, 82; atomic mass, 207.2. A heavy, bluish gray metal, lead is very ductile and …

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Galena is a 6 letter word. We can solve 58 anagrams (sub-anagrams) by unscrambling the letters in the word galena. These anagrams are filtered from Scrabble word list …

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Found 2 items, similar to Galena. English → English (WordNet) Definition: galena galena n : soft blue-gray mineral; lead sulfide; a major source of lead English → English (gcide) Definition: Galena Galena Ga*le"na, n.[L. galena lead ore, dross that remains after melting lead: cf. F. gal[`e]ne sulphide of lead ore, antidote to poison, stillness of the sea, calm, tranquility.] [1913 ...

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noun Native lead sulphid. from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English. noun (Med.), obsolete A remedy or antidote for poison; theriaca. noun (Min.) Lead sulphide; the principal ore of lead. It is of a bluish gray color and metallic luster, and is cubic in crystallization and cleavage. noun See Blende.

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Jul 23, 2020· The lead–zinc ore of mineralization belt No. II has a gray-white, light gray-yellow, and yellow–brown tone and a belt-like shadow pattern, while the surrounding slate and phyllite are dark ...

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Grey mineral (6) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for LEAD ORE [galena] We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word galena will help you to finish your crossword today.

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Lead is a relatively soft, malleable, blue-grey, heavy metal and is probably the earliest discovered metal that does not occur naturally in its pure state. Galena (PbS) is the principal ore mineral, usually found in association with sphalerite (ZnS). Galena often contains inclusions of …

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Lead Ore Lead is a dense, corrosion-resistant, bluish-grey metallic element, and is the heaviest stable element. Lead was one of the first known metals and has been used for at least 5,000 years.

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Bluish-black to Lead-grey: Grey-Black to Black: Perfect in three directions at 90 o to each other: GALENA PbS: Isometric: Usually in cubic crystals or masses exhibiting cubic cleavage, also in granular masses: 7.6: Will usually mark paper. Most common heavy mineral. 2½: Brass-yellow to Silvery-white: Yellowish to Greenish-grey : CALAVERITE ...

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Native Lead is a very rare mineral, with few noteworthy localities. Perhaps the best collectors specimens come from Langban, Sweden. The Harstigen Mine in Varmland, Sweden has also produced a limited amount of Lead, and it has also recently been found in the Garpenberg Noora Mine, also in …

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Galena 1) Alchemical substance 2) Blue-gray mineral 3) Certain ore 4) Greek name 5) Lead 6) Lead mineral 7) Lead ore 8) Lead provider 9) Lead source 10) Lead suflide 11) Lead sulfide 12) Lead-bearing ore 13) Main ore of lead 14) Mineral 15) Ore of lead 16) Principal ore of lead 17) Principal source of lead

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(min.) lead sulphide; the principal ore of lead. it is of a bluish gray color and metallic luster, and is cubic in crystallization and cleavage. similar words(2) false galena pseudo-galena . Wordlovers Dictionaries. Anagram angela Thesaurus Dictionaries. WordNet 2.0. Noun 1. soft blue-gray mineral; lead sulfide; a major source of lead ...

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Galena, a gray lead sulfide (PbS), the chief ore mineral of lead. One of the most widely distributed sulfide minerals, it occurs in many different types of deposits, often in metalliferous veins, as at Broken Hill, Australia; Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, U.S.; Clausthal Zellerfeld, Ger.; and Cornwall,

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Zinc-Lead district in southwest Missouri around Joplin. Galena is the principal lead ore mineral. It is lead sulfide (PbS). When pure, it contains 86.6 percent lead and 13.4 percent sulfur. Galena is bluish-gray with a bright metallic luster when freshly broken, and dull gray when weathered. It is soft, brittle, and very heavy (about 7.4 times

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• Lead sulfide, the most common ore mineral of lead • It is a very common metallic mineral, its colour is bluish-grey • Mineral consisting of lead sulphide, PbS, the chief ore of lead • (PbS) Galena is the main ore of lead mined in the North Pennines • A lustrous, blue-gray lead ore …

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a bluish-gray cubic mineral with metallic luster consisting of lead sulfide and constituting the principal ore of lead (18 of 37 words, pronunciation) /dictionary /galena

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Definition of GALENA in the Definitions dictionary. Meaning of GALENA. What does GALENA mean? Information and translations of GALENA in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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Sodium-rich varieties are white or light gray; calcium-rich varieties are medium to dark gray. Labradorite variety shows blue play of colors. Potassium feldspar

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Jul 23, 2020· The lead–zinc ore of mineralization belt No. II has a gray-white, light gray-yellow, and yellow–brown tone and a belt-like shadow pattern, while the surrounding slate and phyllite are dark ...